Make No Apologies.

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s this.

As far back as I can remember.

Loading up MS DOS and Minesweeper on the oval kitchen table in mum’s two bed ex- council estate terrace, grey yet slightly cream in colour contraption; anyone born before the early 90s would know that to be a Desktop PC.

Hours, hours and hours.
Perched on a glossed wooden chair that issued cheek stamps worthy of Polaroids, writing stories.

Princesses. Dragons. One day to be hopelessly saved from the evil witch and her dribbling accomplice. Rescued into the clutch of a world with difference that laid out striking adventure and prosperity.

But when you do it like I do, there’s always consequences.

When you think like this there’s always recompense. No matter how near or far from home the ride takes you.

I like to call it truth, others call it made up scenarios in my head. Wild fantasies that occasionally spill out like verbal shit. An uncontrollable imagination, so vast that something so peculiar is hard to denote, fathom or even come by.

Yet the harshest reality of a closet genius, is that honesty comes from a deeper neurological understanding, incredibly engulfing and precious that once the energy touches you, you couldn’t ever forget. Hope, wish, beg? No, those memories will never leave.

That’s why, at dusk, when all is still, arms for a pillow and feet curled like a baby, the unfortunate ripple of the distilled world continues to champion me with a unique grit of lunacy to speak and write without fear.

5 minutes

But probably less…

Let’s take for example, the last time you flipped a coin to make a decision…

Say you’re happy with the side the coin lands on, is that some sort of numerical pattern or fate? Would you show disappointment if it doesn’t sit on the side you hoped?

Tell me again, why did you throw it in the air in the first place..?

What else have you already decided?



Mind your matter


Well, what a difference a year can make! We haven’t been here before.

I’ve already nicknamed 2014, the year of The Airplane Mode. Uncertain of the journey but sure of the path and destination.

That’s the thing, if you focus on too many things at once, it’s enough to make any man believe their own hype. Then there’s the negative press, everyone’s got them.. and their close to you right? Most of all last year I learnt to never, under any circumstance and in all situations known on earth, no matter how long you’ve thought about it for, never ever look back, sidewards neither. Always always look forward.

January can set your brain off to a 1200 cycle spin, but it’s a known fact that the pull of distraction is always going to be there. And the F word. Oh yeah, “The Fear”. The fear of actually getting what you want? Are you really sure you want what you say you want? And so on ectera.. #getoverit

Self talk is also very important.

However, Four house moves in one year I would advise against.

And if you broke your bad, you’d get to your departure lounge much quicker- Airplane right?

As for the wind beneath my wings, thats where it will always stay.

Fresh engine? New tyres?


Mid point

Oh hello..

Time really does seem to run away with me these days.. it’s been a while since I blogged. I hope I haven’t become one of those people who writes “oh hi, it’s been a while”, every time I post (scrolls down)…shit.

We’ve just passed the half way point in the year and hooray! ..before you know it you’ll be sitting in front of the TV stuffing your face with After Eights, refusing to move as that’s the perfect spot for you to watch the Christmas special of Eastenders.

Mid June is the time of year most of us will reflect on the new year goals we set, checking wether we are on track to achieving them.. whether they be personal, family or business related.


I get so confused by british weather. I dont know if that’s it’s irregularity, or my old age? As I too reach my mid (well, quater) point, I am dumbfounded by the smallest of details in life that I am only just now discovering, and theres is so much I am yet to do, learn and achieve.

On recent travels, adventures, I have been exercising a technique called Plan, Do and Review. It’s a strategy taught now in schools.. (wish they had it in my day- although I reckon they had something similar but I just didn’t attend enough lessons to notice!)

  • Plan: Develop strategies to improve performance.
  • Do: Take action to improve performance.
  • Review: Evaluate and improve performance.

In it’s simplest form- a system to make sure that before we reach our end point/goal/result/time that we stop, check to making sure we’re on track. I don’t know how i’ve managed to get through life without recognising this before now, perhaps I just dived in, gave it my all and imagined in my head i’de already achieved.

Plan, do, review.

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Just wanted to share that with you.

Why worry?

Why are you worrying about what’s happening now? Worry about where you’ll be in 10 years time…

Children are fascinating aren’t they?  I recently made some massive changes, which means I get to spend more precious time with many of the young people in my life and it has radically reverted my imagination. Ask a 5 year what he/she wants to be when they grow up. Chances are, whatever they will say will make you smile… Look at yourself this afternoon say around 2pm, are you smiling like that 5 year old? Or has your dream been squashed with “No’s, “Can’t” or “Get a real job” a few times too many?


Experience has shown me that no amount of loyalty whilst carrying out the wrong task will get you where you want to be. In all cases. Don’t be scared to move away from those things/people/ circumstances that are no longer encouraging you to grow.

Tomorrow, could you decide to spend 6 months of the year doing whatever you please? Climbing mountains, starting a charity/foundation, knocking back cocktails on your own private beach, setting up your own film/publishing/design company? If you are not working towards “having the freedom to do whatever it is you want”, think about what steps you could take to do that.

draw the line

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing now or whatever you may think is holding you back, or whatever career you’ve pursued so far, or even what people might think. If it’s not the path you originally set out for yourself. Change it. Go after whatever it is you want, if you want it enough.